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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the different English Courses do you offer?
    We offer customized English Courses for different age groups and skill sets. The allotment of a program clearly depends on two factors: Age, Skill set.
  • What is the overall duration of the course?
    The duration of a program ranges from 3 to 6 months. The overall duration is based on how much time per session your batch is allotted with.
  • What are the training hours?
    We are quite flexible about the training hours to suit the learners convenience. We have trainings conducted on both weekdays and weekends from 7 AM to 10 PM.
  • How many students are there in each class / batch?
    As per our service commitment, we don’t accommodate more than 10 students per batch to ensure quality and personal attention.
  • How do you measure the program effectiveness?
    We conduct Pre-assessment and Post-assessment to evaluate how you started and how well you ended on your English Knowledge and Speaking Skills. Progressive Assessment will reveal your understanding and execution of knowledge.
  • Who is your audience?
    Anyone who wants to enjoy learning starting from 6 yrs to 60 years of age. Our learners are School & College students, IT / ITES employees, business executives, Managers, Leaders, Doctors, Lawyers, house wives and first timers (learning English first time).
  • Will I get a certification after the course?
    Of course, anyone who completes the intensive programs as per our defined guidelines will be awarded with the course completion certificate after the post assessment.
  • Can I avail personal 1:1 & home classes?
    Yes, you have the privilege of 1:1 with our trainers in our institute as well as at your places.
  • Will I be able to speak fluently & confidently at the end of the course?
    SHELBY Academy’s formula for success in English speaking is effective and a time-tested methodology. When the learner participates ardently, we will certainly be able to show a significant improvement from where you started. In other words, when the students can maintain “Green” in health ...
  • What is the method of teaching in the class?
    You will be introduced a new world of effective learning. Here learning is fun-loving, challenging, competitive, effective. Our methodology is learner-centric where the learners are motivated to think laterally, rationalize, question the learning without just memorizing.