Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About SHELBY Academy

We are 'Your English School' who will partner with you to enhance your personal and professional English & Behavioral learning objectives. We provide innovative and best-in-class learning experience that you will treasure forever.
The word SHELBY means shelter; your shelter for knowledge, skill and attitude enrichment.
Our thirst for excellence, drive for innovation, leaner-centric attitude are the hallmark of SHELBY Academy. Our 'Learners first' approach helps us to stay close and relevant to the needs and demands of our learners. We are passionate in delivering results whatever it takes.
SHELBY teachers / trainers are top-notch experts in the field of education and corporate training. The knowledge and skill sets of our teachers / trainers are periodically assessed and enhanced through various internal and external certification programs.

English Courses

We offer customized English Courses for different age groups and skill sets. The allotment of a program clearly depends on two factors: Age, Skill set.
Anyone who wants to enjoy learning starting from 6 yrs to 60 years of age. Our learners are School & College students, IT / ITES employees, business executives, Managers, Leaders, Doctors, Lawyers, house wives and first timers (learning English first time).
The duration of a program ranges from 4 to 6 months. The overall duration is based on how much time per session your batch is allotted with.
Of course, anyone who completes the intensive programs as per our defined guidelines will be awarded with the course completion certificate after the post assessment.
We are quite flexible about the training hours to suit the learners convenience. We have trainings conducted on both weekdays and weekends from 7 AM to 10 PM.
Yes, you have the privilege of 1:1 with our trainers in our institute as well as at your places.
Online courses will be launched very soon.
As per our service commitment, we don't accommodate more than 10 students per batch to ensure quality and personal attention.
If the reason for absenteeism is valid and not a regular practice, we impart the missed lessons. At the same time, such undue absenteeism is not entertained.
We conduct Pre-assessment and Post-assessment to evaluate how you started and how well you ended on your English Knowledge and Speaking Skills. Progressive Assessment will reveal your understanding and execution of knowledge.
Our trainers’ personal assessment on your speaking competence, your score during the pre-assessment and your age factor will decide which course you are eligible for.
The course timings are framed by the organization suitably for our learners. You may express your need for a change and organization might consider.
You will be introduced a new world of effective learning. Here learning is fun-loving, challenging, competitive, effective. Our methodology is learner-centric where the learners are motivated to think laterally, rationalize, question the learning without just memorizing.
We appreciate you enjoy learning with us for the whole of the stipulated period. Due to unfortunate circumstances, if you can't continue with us, you may continue later with some other batch. During this time, the course fee paid will not be refunded; instead, it will be adjusted when you may join our program later within 5 months.
We offer both weekday and weekend batches.
No, you are not eligible for refund when you decide you opt out.
We offer a variety of exam preparation courses that will help students to get ready for sitting tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and BEC. All of our exam preparation courses are dependent on student demand. Should a course not reach the minimum number of students necessary for it to run adequately, the course will likely be cancelled.
We do conduct English Language Programs and Behavioural programs on various competencies such as: result orientation, team skills, customer services, coaching & feedback, planning and organizing, stress management, conflict management, impactful presentations, Leadership skills, First time manager.
Yes, we do conduct outbound training programs and workshops for schools and corporate companies.
When our conventional schools focus on holistic academic development, we focus on enriching English Speaking Competency which is the most important parameter to become employable and for comfortable socializing as well. Our facilities offer the kind of exposure and experience the conventional schools cannot offer; such as: learner-centric approach, ample chances for presentation, prepared & impromptu speeches, learning through dramas, learning through fun, open book assessments, creative & critical thinking exercises, etc.