How do the early kids learn English as a second language?

The younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and they possess greater pronunciation. The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence.

 How does learning English as a second language help kids?

  • Learning additional languages increases critical thinking, creative thinking and improves flexibility.
  • The brain, like any muscle, functions well with exercise; memorizing the grammar rules, strengthening lexical resource help strengthen mental muscle.
  • It is proven, children who learn languages develop curiosity, develop respect for various culture and ideas.
  • It will be easier to grasp any career opportunities that come on their way in future.

How do the young learners prefer learning English well as a second language?

The functions of spoken English are practiced and improved through songs, rhymes, stories and role play. Kids enjoy learning English as a second language through informal lessons, fun filled activities where it becomes unconscious learning, strongly embedded in them.

What is SHELBY’s way?

Content: The content includes Grammar, Phonics, Basic Vocabulary, and Language Functions.

Methodology: Imitation is the ultimate form of learning. In order to foster learning, we blend Language Functions through both individual and group activities where the learning is embedded through unconscious learning.

Performance: The impact of the program is measured periodically and the learners are provided personal & group coaching along with learning health index scores.

Medium of Learning: Instructor led, Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic, chants, stories.