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1.1: Idiom: brainstorm

Meaning: To develop some new ideas

Examples: Let us brainstorm on this new project

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1.2: Idiom: hit the books

Meaning: To begin to study hard

Examples: My son hits the books during the exams

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1.3: Idiom: make a long story short

Meaning: come to the main points leaving details

Examples: To make a long story short, please conserve water

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1.4: Idiom: Devil’s Advocate

Meaning: to counter through an argument

Examples: The interviewer needs to play devil’s advocate.

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1.5: Idiom: Give it a shot

Meaning: try it

Examples: I am sure you can give it a shot.

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1.6: Idiom: Slipped my mind

Meaning: forgot

Examples: I am sorry that point slipped my mind.

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1.7: Idiom: put on your thinking cap

Meaning: to find an idea or solve a problem

Examples: We have a problem at hand;  it’s time to put your thinking caps on!

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1.8: Idiom: collect one’s thoughts

Meaning: to think calmly and clearly

Examples: You need to collect your thought before handling an irate customer.

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1.9: Idiom: fight like cat and dog

Meaning: Two people engage on a violent arguments.

Examples: They fight like cat and dog but they’re still together after 10 years.

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1.10: Idiom: make a mountain out of a molehill

Meaning: To project a small problem bigger than it seems.

Examples: Stop making mountains out of molehills! It’s not a major problem.

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1.11: Idiom: be like a fish out of water

Meaning: to feel uncomfortable in a situation

Examples: After her divorce, she was like a fish out of water.

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1.12: Idiom: cry wolf

Meaning: to ask for help when there is really no danger.

Examples: Because he cried wolf too often, people stopped believing that he needs help.

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1.13: Idiom: curiosity killed the cat

Meaning: To ask too many questions because this can get you into trouble.

Examples: Alan: I wonder who killed that wealthy man? Bill: Curiosity killed the cat.

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1.14: Idiom: every dog has its day

Meaning: everyone has a time of success and satisfaction.

Examples: You may become successful in your business someday. Every dog has his day.

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1.15: Idiom: fish for compliments

Meaning: To try to induce someone to make a compliment.

Examples: He is fishing for compliments.

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1.16: Idiom: rains cats and dogs

Meaning: to rain heavily

Examples: It’s raining cats and dogs.

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1.17: Idiom: when pigs fly

Meaning: you mean that something will never happen.

Examples: I will give you treat when pigs fly.

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1.18: Idiom: beef up

Meaning: To strengthen or make something more effective.

Examples: The security arrangements have been beefed up here.

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1.19: Idiom: be a chicken

Meaning: be a coward.

Examples: Don’t be a chicken.

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1.20: Idiom: as gentle as lamb

Meaning: kind , innocent, mild-mannered people

Examples: She is as gentle as a lamb.

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