Grow Trees – Nithiesh

Grow Trees – Nithiesh

Trees are our best friends on the earth. We just can’t continue live on the earth if there are no trees around us. All we offer to the trees is some dwelling space and water every day. In return they favour a lease of fresh breathing air and life to us. We need to grow more trees to make our surroundings better and more importantly to compensate the effects of rapid deforestation and air pollution. The trees has got plethora of life generating gifts to Human and other living creatures on the earth. To name a few, fresh air with source of rich oxygen, vast shade to escape the effects of burning summer days for animals, Home for birds and many more.

Trees are the source of numerous essential materials useful for mankind like vegetables, food, wood, rubber, paper, medicines etc. The root of the trees penetrate deep inside the earth and safeguard the terrains from getting eroded due to heavy rains and natural calamities. Every part of the trees say from roots to seeds, from flowers to fruits, from stem to leaves nurtures the other creatures to nourish and flourish.

Ecological balance is maintained when we grow sufficient trees. So it is our first and foremost duty to grow and preserve as many trees as we can and offer a green future to the next generations.

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