I wonder why – Sivaranjini


Living is an art. God hides the gift within our heart during our birth.He wraps it with bushes and thorns.The most Starry-eyed person can unpack and have a taste of success.Life will be just a piece of cake after this moment.

Our life is blood,sweat and tears all the way initially.We do often express dissatisfaction when we are exposed to handle new situation.We do not want to stand in someone’s shoes to understand the whole picture.The Entire universe is filled with blossoms of love and showers of affection.It is in our hands to beckon towards us.

Are you feeling mournful? Take a little break and start to do some ridiculous activities.Cut the tie from your family and friends for just one day.Make a small voyage and you will gain a lot of astonished experiences.Start to write your own rules and break all at once.Life is a fairy tale. You should play the dual role as the King and the Queen.

Being Optimistic doesn’t mean that we should not cry or feel weak.Acquiesce ourselves to all the emotions.we should seek the possibilities to overcome it or what is the possible outcome from the raw deal.If we learn this,We have a head start then.


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