I wonder why – Sabarisri


I wonder how my mom trusts me so utterly though I have made inapt decision in my life. She has clung to me all my life and she is a walking miracle.

I wonder why some people hate to see others happy and successful. Happiness is a contagious and drives positive energy. So be happy when a good thing happens for others.

I wonder why some people are comparing their worst with others best. It will destroy the joy and happiness that is within you. Never compare, be the best version of you. Everyone has their own clock and time.

I wonder how people are putting down others to feel better about their selves. We should be more efficient and assertive when responding to this kind of criticism.

I wonder about my Team Leader one who works diligent and tireless. The way he manages and motivates the team is marvelous.

I wonder about the matchless leader Jayalalitha “Iron lady of India”. She was a brave, tactful,enlightened,polyglot Chief Minister. Her slogan” I am by the people I am for the people” is always memorable.

Finally I wonder about myself how I overcome all the troubles and obstacles in life and that strengthens me very well.


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