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Grow Trees by Jeslin – – –

Plant a tree  It don’t  cost a fee
Trees are the natural resources that the world has gifted us. We must try to conserve the trees as they provide us with everything we need.  A tree gives us food, oxygen, shade, medicine , shelter, wood, good climate and many more. They provide us with many of our needs.
The 3 p’s of the trees are: prevent floods, produce food, provide medicines. If trees are reduces, we have to face many difficulties like global warming, no balance in food chain, raise in green house gases, uneven distribution of rainfall, habitat of birds is disturbed.

These all can be controlled by afforestation (planting of trees in large numbers).
Plant a tree🌲 for free and make it your bestie SAVE TREES!!SAVE TREES!! IT DON’T COST A FEE!!!

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