How do the teens learn English as a second language?

Teaching and Training teenagers always seemed highly rewarding because they are not weary of learning and experimenting the acquired knowledge and skill. Training them will be a lot of fun and an incredible experience. The teens reason out the right usage from wrong by analyzing and appropriately applying on real time basis.

What are the advantages of learning as teens?

  • With greater discipline and guidance, it is easier to test their boundaries and rewarding exceptional performance will lead them beyond the horizon.
  • Creating a learning environment where they are valued, motivated and challenges are paramount to discover the best in them.
  • This period between childhood and adulthood is a moulding period. It is easier for the language trainers to shape them up to reach the desired milestone.

How do we help young students learn faster and better?

  • Languages are like passport to another world and a medium to feel part of another culture.
  • It is imperative the teens acquire the language skills and interpersonal communication skills to meet the future challenges.
  • To ensure the learning effectiveness and learner efficiency, we have made the learning relevant and the content is periodically analyzed, improved.
  • These potential leaders and managers are at their prime skill forming stage; so, it is imperative to instill the skills the right way.

What is SHELBY’s way?

Content: The content includes conscious learning of Grammar, Phonetics, Vocabulary, and Language Functions, Idioms, phrasal verbs.

Methodology: Imitation is the ultimate form of learning. In order to foster learning, we blend Language Functions through both individual and group activities where the learning is embedded through conscious learning. All the concepts are learnt through practices.

Performance: The impact of the program is measured periodically and the learners are provided personal & group coaching along with learning health index scores.

Medium of Learning: Instructor led, Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic, role plays, drama, oral and written assessment.