There is a growing need to brush up English speaking ability and enhance interpersonal communication among the Professionals, Entrepreneur, IT & ITES corporate employees to perform well and for promotion.

Training Outcome

  • To express thoughts coherently, concisely, cohesively and confidently
  • Neutralize Voice and Accent
  • To expand wide range of vocabulary to mange business and social life
  • To write effective emails
  • To provide impactful presentations to the clients and customers
  • To participate in telephone and conference calls
  • To prepare for interviews and to conduct interviews
  • To learn to provide one-on-one coaching and one-to-many coaching
  • To persuade, coerce to complete the tasks on time

What is SHELBY’s way?

Content: The content includes conscious learning of Grammar, Phonetics, Vocabulary, and Language Functions, Idioms, phrasal verbs.

Methodology: Imitation is the ultimate form of learning. In order to foster learning, we blend Language Functions through both individual and group activities where the learning is embedded through conscious learning. All the concepts are learnt through practices.

Performance: The impact of the program is measured periodically and the learners are provided personal & group coaching along with learning health index scores.

Medium of Learning: Instructor led, Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic, role plays, oral and written assessment, presentation, prepared and impromptu speeches.